Born on the Wirral, Cheshire, and now living in the bustling heart of Liverpool’s world famous city centre, JohnPaul is a very talented musician with a lot of experience under his belt.


Labelled as ‘One of the BEST loop artists in the North-West’, a finalist in the 2016/17 ‘Soundwaves’ UK Competition & an established act in Liverpool, JP is rapidly making a big name for himself!


With two albums and one EP now selling on iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and other platforms worldwide completely independently, JohnPaul is quickly being recognised as a musician with gut feelings, talent and a real knack for entertainment. Using a loop machine, microphone and guitar you could be forgiven to think there is a full band on stage as JohnPaul’s clever use of looping is quick and creative whilst entertaining both the audience and other musicians alike.

JohnPaul is normally found playing open mic nights around Chester, Liverpool and Manchester either with a guitar or a keyboard in hand or sometimes just an iPhone and a microphone and playing some very original and memorable material. To see when and where JohnPaul is playing live, goto the Gigs Page.


If you like what you hear and want to hear more, have a listen to the albums available on the Albums page or if you want to see JohnPaul in action, goto the Video’s page.